Best Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids Using Natural Solutions

Most people keep looking for home remedies for hemorrhoids. In simple terms, hemorrhoids are enlarged veins. They are located in the lower part of your anus and rectum. Due to increased strain or pressure, these veins can be swollen. In most cases, the pressure is caused from profuse diarrhea, constipation, pregnancy and other such problems. 

Internal hemorrhoids are located inside your rectum. They can neither be felt nor are visible to the naked eye. In most cases, internal hemorrhoids are painless. You will know you’re suffering from internal hemorrhoids because of the blood visible in your bowel movements. It’s important to understand that internal hemorrhoids can protrude or prolapse through your anus. When this happens it is usually pushed back into the anal canal with a lubricated finger. 

External hemorrhoids are located beneath the skin surrounding your anus. They can be easily felt when they’re swollen. They may cause pain, bleeding or itching with your bowel movements. Thrombosed external hemorrhoids occur when blood within your vein clots. When this happens you will experience severe pain and a fair amount of discomfort when sitting, walking and doing your normal day to day activities.

Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment

As mentioned earlier, most people keep looking for natural remedies to treat hemorrhoids. It’s important to understand that most hemorrhoids respond quite well to natural and home remedy treatments. They can also be treated with certain changes in your diet. Some simple home remedies for internal & external piles can help you keep this condition under the wraps.  

Home Remedies for Internal Hemorrhoids

In order to treat internal hemorrhoids, you need to look for some effective home remedies for hemorrhoids. Increased dietary fiber or roughage and fluid intake can decrease the potential for chronic constipation cases. It can also reduce unnecessary pressure on your anus and rectum during your bowel movement thus removing the strain which causes the development of hemorrhoids.

In addition to this, it will minimize various symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, such as discomfort, swelling, bleeding and more. You can also buy some dietary fiber supplements to bulk up your stools. Good natural ones are oats and bran as well as fresh fruits and leafy vegetables.

It’s important to understand that stool softeners can also help ease the bowel passage. However, once internal hemorrhoids are present, liquid stools can cause some irritation and inflammation of the piles. A pharmacist or healthcare professional can discuss various over the counter treatment options. 

Home Remedies for External Hemorrhoids

Sitting in warm water about three times per day for about 20 minutes is an excellent natural piles treatment. This is called the Sitz bath technique. It can help you decrease the inflammation of your external hemorrhoids. It’s very important to dry off your anal area completely after a Sitz bath to minimize any kind of irritation of the skin around your anus. It might also be wise to moisturize the area as well. This helps prevent rubbing or friction and further inflammation.

People suffering from hemorrhoids should never sit for extended periods on the toilet seat. If possible, you should sit on a rubber or air donut available at a local pharmacy. Exercise is also very helpful in relieving chronic constipation. It can also reduce the pressure on your hemorrhoidal veins. 

It is essential for individuals to be encouraged to have a bowel movement whenever the urge arises. Once the urge passes, your stools can become hard and can cause you to become constipated and strain your bowel movement. If you are having irregular bowel movements then maybe you could also try a detoxification program to clean out the inside and them the process flowing nicely again. Home remedies are perfect to get some relief from various symptoms of this condition, such as itching, bleeding, discomfort and agonizing pain. In order to get some fast hemorrhoid relief from the piles symptoms, you should try some proven home remedies for hemorrhoids. 

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