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Marijuana Addiction

Generally, marijuana addiction has several effects to the health and social well being of an individual. For instance, some of its immediate effects include but not limited to loss of inhibition, altered thinking and memory, anxiety, mild paranoia, altered vision, reduced coordination and balance, increased heart rate, confusion among many other effects. It is worth noting that a marijuana addict taking low to moderate doses can experience effects such as confusion, restlessness, hallucinations, decreased reaction time and excitement which last two to four hours after smoking.

On the other hand, the long term use of weed can have numerous effects on a person. For instance, the brain may be affected hence impaired memory, concentration and ability to learn. Weed addiction can also result in asthma, bronchitis and sore throat. It may also affect the production of hormone. It have been revealed by research that there are some weed users who have a lowered sex drive, lowered sperm counts among men and irregular menstrual cycles among women. Cannabis addiction may also result to impaired immune system. Social problems can also result from weed addiction. For example, the frustration and disagreements over the use of this drug can cause arguments amongst family members and affect personal relationship.

Health and legal problems can also add to the strain on financial, work and personal relationships. The adolescents who are addicted to pot are at higher risk of dropping out of school, pregnancy, delinquency and achieving very less in terms of education and occupation. Most people who are dependent on weed tend to be less happy, less motivated and unsatisfied with their life, thus they are also at risk for depression as well as using larger amounts of other drugs including alcohol. Always remember that when long term abusers of weed make attempt to stop using this drug, in most cases they suffer with various unpleasant symptoms which makes it very hard to quit. Such withdrawal symptoms include sleeplessness, decreased appetite which can result to disordered eating, drug craving and irritability.

It is important to note that weed addiction can be treated by using many of similar therapies that are used for addiction of other drugs. For instance, the incentives for abstinence and cognitive behavioral therapies have proven to be most effective in treating the marijuana addiction. Currently there are no availability of medication to treat pot addiction. However, there are drugs that can be used to ease withdrawal symptoms and effectively prevent relapses.

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