Chelation for Detoxification

The term chelation speaks of grabbing or binding; chelation as a medical treatment refers to the process of injecting a synthetic substance known as ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid into the blood stream to remove heavy metals.

Shortened as EDTA, the substance, once injected into the body, attaches itself to heavy metals and various other minerals such as lead, copper, aluminum and mercury, taking steps to eliminate them from the system.

Despite the potential of its capabilities however, chelation is a largely controversial therapy, relying upon what some medical professionals have been known to term as partly unproven theories. Regardless chelation is an FDA approved treatment for lead poisoning.

Health benefits

Chelation therapy’s reputation is largely based upon its ability to perform two primary tasks, namely:

-Heavy Metal removal- when heavy metals invade the body in considerable amounts they can cause cell deterioration; chelation has played an important role in the medical field for years in removing mercury, iron, zinc, copper and various other metals from the human body, preventing organ failure and, in serious cases, death.

-Free Radical Reduction- when the number of heavy metals in the body reaches toxic levels, free radicals are produced, known for eliciting nutritional imbalances, oxygen deficits and aging. In acting as a magnet, drawing heavy metals to itself and eliminating them from the body, EDTA will promote the restoration of the body’s appropriate mineral levels.

Cells should be able to repair themselves once an excess of minerals such as calcium are eliminated, allowing for the body’s restoration to normal health.

Beyond achieving its primary purposes through the effects of EDTA, chelation boasts of a number of benefits to human health, these including the following:

-Chelation has been theorized to increase healthy life expectancy by triggering the differentiation of stem cells even while resuscitating mitochondria, the resulting increase in ATP production making for a healthier more energetic body.

Chelation therapy will improve the potency of the senses, not only taste and hearing but also dissolving small cataracts and augmenting vision, this especially helpful in situations involving diabetic retinopathy.

-In reducing the free radicals in the body, chelation therapy can prove effective in preventing or curing arteriosclerosis, especially taking into account its ability to stimulate parathyroid hormone activity.

-Chelation therapy has been known to have a rejuvenating effect on the cardiovascular system, not only moderating blood pressure but controlling chest pain, cholesterol levels, rapid heart beats, cardiac arrhythmia's etc. Chelation has a positive effect on the heart and its health.

-When taken together with glutathione, chelation therapy will control allergic symptoms, even while proving equally effective in reducing inflammations. 

One might say that the uses and health benefits of Chelation are endless, only limited by the professionals utilizing its tools, the therapy providing muscle cramps pain relief, normalizing weight, improving kidney function and availing a strong antibiotic effect to mention but a few.


Certain groups of people have been advised to avoid chelation where possible, these including pregnant women, children and patients of kidney and heart failure.

Though only raising warnings years back regarding negative occurrences such as kidney damage and irregular heartbeats largely as a result of the inappropriately high doses that were applied, not even in small doses should the above groups of people engage with chelation.

One should first consult their doctor before pursuing this treatment.


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