Mercury Prevention and Dexotification Tips

Medical and scientific research entities are now alert on the alarming rise of mercury metal released into the environment. Both animals and humans are at threat of metal poisoning and new cases of mercury-induced diseases are on the rise. To be safe, you need to know the common sources of mercury and mercury detoxification measures to promote healthy living.

Sources of Mercury in Your Body
Fish is a rich source of protein but is becoming a major threat given the levels of methyl-mercury it carries. Tuna and sushi are two major sources of mercury and continuous consumption of the same will raise the levels of amalgam in your body. However the levels of amalgam in marine animals differ with the species itself and the environment they inhabit. For example, small reef fish in the Seychelles will have low level of metal compared to blue whales in Faroe Islands, according to recent environmental research.

Poisonous metals are present, as well, in dental fillings. The teeth fillings used in dental clinics contain a mix of different metals and mercury alone is in 50% concentration. The filling dissolves with time releasing harmful mercury vapor in your mouth which is absorbed into your blood and transports mercury to body tissues and vital organs. Tooth bleaching is another dental procedure with poisonous-metal threats.

In the daily use of cosmetics and other beauty products, it is possible you are being exposed to harmful metals. There are skin products and cosmetics in the market today that mention all the positive ingredients for your skin but will not mention the fact that there is mercury. We continue to use such products every day, unaware of the time bomb we are creating.

A last source of mercury and perhaps the biggest one is combustion of coal. Industries release tones of pollutants into the environment, through smoke and liquid waste draining to rivers, through combustion of coal for energy. We use coal in our homes as well and the smoke released to the atmosphere contains traces of mercury. The smoke will get to the clouds and become part of the rain precipitate that will rain on our crops, land and water sources.

Detoxifying Your Body from Mercury
You may not be able to fully prevent the induction of mercury into your body. However, you can reduce the level of metal poisoning through simple mercury detoxification methods. One way to detox the body is drinking hot lemon water in the morning mixed with cayenne. Alternatively, you can purchase detox tea in health stores and the core ingredients to look out for include liquorice root, dandelion root, burdock and ginger.

Eating food rich in fiber also helps in mercury detoxification. Vegetables like seaweed salad, Spirulina, cruciferous vegetables, artichokes or beetroots help cleanse the body. Sweating also expels toxins from the body; try wearing extra layers of clothes while exercising to increase the levels of sweating in your body. Lastly, tongue scraping as you brush your teeth each morning will help remove bacteria and any toxins present in your tongue.

Presence of mercury in the body affects your cells and mitochondria causing fatigue, stress, low energy levels and even cancer. Nevertheless, with these simple mercury detoxification methods, you can alleviate the mercury-induce symptoms and lead a normal life again.

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