Oral Chelation Detoxification Explained

The word chelation has been derived from the word “Chele” which is Greek for claw. Oral chelation therapy has been so named because the chelator used in the therapy claws the toxic substances present in the body.

How does oral chelation work?

A 'chelate' is a chemical compound which has its central atom attached to neighboring atoms by a minimum of two bonds in such a way that the entire structure forms a ring. This central atom is usually a metal ion that reacts with other molecules to form a chelate which can be removed from the body through the excretory system.  

Oral chelation is a safe and non surgical method of removing toxic heavy metals from the body by delivering chelates to the body. Besides this, it also eliminates excess calcium and cholesterol deposits that form plaque on the walls of blood vessels. These toxic metals are removed from the body through the urinary system. 

Benefits of Oral Chelation:

1. Improved Overall Health

Oral chelation therapy promotes overall health. Oral Chelation involves administration of substances such as lipoid acid, chlorella, cilantro and calcium. When these minerals are taken in singled out doses, they are less effective than when they are taken as a combined supplement. As a result the body releases toxic materials.

2. Improved Heart Health

Oral chelation assists in keeping the blood vessels of the heart clean and free of any substances that can result in a blockage to cause heart attacks. When the cardiovascular system is free of any such blockages, it can pump easily and it becomes stronger naturally due to increased efficiency. Chelation therapy works best when it is combined with different antioxidants, amino acids, herbs and other chelating agents such as EDTA. Ethylene DiamineTetra Acetic Acid (EDTA) is the main chelating agent and is a molecule that chelates toxic heavy metal ions. 

3. Detoxification

Proper oral chelation therapy helps in effective detoxification of body parts such as the liver, kidneys and the digestive system. Chelation agents catch hold of other unwanted materials in the body such as pesticides also and flush out other harmful toxins such as mercury that are frequently found in the body. 

4. Boost Immune System

It stands to reason when the body gets rid of toxins, the immune system becomes stronger. This is because it needs to work less in order to overcome the harmful effects of the toxins. 

5. Improved Blood health

Oral chelation gives a fillip to the blood health by normalizing blood chemistry. Minerals taken during the therapy improve hemoglobin levels by increasing RBC count. RBCs are essential to prevent the onset of anemia. More blood cells translate into more oxygen carrying capacity of the blood resulting in better health. 

It is important to supplement with Minerals to replace any that are lost with during the Chelation Therapy.  It is also recommended taking Oral Chelation continue to consume fruits, vegetables and clean water.

To learn more about Oral Chelation please see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelation_therapy

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