Oral Chelation – The Detox Supplement

In this current millennium, we are at risk of coming in contact with many harmful products and chemicals some of which are poisonous to our bodies. Therefore, we ought to understand how to counter these harmful and poisonous substances. Fortunately, oral chelation has come to offer you the ultimate treatment. Oral chelation therapy entails the use of non-toxic and safe EDTA (ethyl-enediamine tetra acetic acid) to treat your circulatory and cardiovascular health. 

Using Oral Chelation for Detoxifying: The Numerous Benefits

Oral Chelation has been proven to be the best natural treatment for lead poisoning. And this is not the only benefit, as there exist many amazing benefits of using oral chelation for detoxifying. Extreme Health Oral chelation is one of the noninvasive and most powerful natural methods for supporting healthier circulation. These benefits are:

1. Used to Prevent and Reverse Arteriosclerosis – it has been proven that oral chelation has the ability of reversing or preventing risks of arteriosclerosis. This is made possible by its ability to reduce the free radical generating toxic metals. In addition, it stimulates the activity of parathyroid (PTH), and this facilitates the removal of plaque and calcium buildup. 

2. Rejuvenation of the Entire Cardiovascular System – tests conducted on several patients have it that oral chelation revitalizes the entire cardiovascular system. Also, it improves chest pains, commonly referred as 'angina pectoris’, and leads to the reduction of your blood cholesterol levels. Using oral chelation for detoxifying will also normalize cardiac arrhythmias, skipped heart beats, rapid and extra heart beats. 

3. Helps in the Prevention of the Negative Effects of Electro Magnetic Field Radiation – electromagnetic field radiation is all over, because devices we use in our daily lives are responsible for them. These radiation are released by micro-antenna in mobile phones, WI-FI and microwave ovens. It is highly recommended that the metal level in the body remains low, and this can be achieved through use of oral chelation. 

4. Reduction of the Serum Iron Levels – your blood is made up blood cells and blood serum. Many metals do manifest in the blood serum. Especially iron, when present in large amounts, can be dangerous to you. This is because iron leads to 'rusting’ of body organs due to its ability to generate huge volumes of free radicals. All these can be avoided by the use of oral chelation that helps to contain blood iron levels. 

5. Increases Liver Function – the sole purpose of the liver in the body is to detoxify the body. But when the body toxin level rises beyond the liver’s capacity, it becomes hard for the liver to function well as it is overworked. Oral chelation is used to detoxify the body by getting rid of metals, hence relieving the liver of extra work. Thus, the liver will be able to function better and serve you to satisfaction. 

6. Oral Chelation has the Strongest Anti-Candida Effect – as compared to other antifungal drugs like ketoconazole and nystatin, ETDA used in oral chelation possesses the highest antifungal action. Once the toxic metals in the body interact with Candida, is gets harder to get rid of Candida without the removal of the toxic metals first. So, using oral chelation supplements will guarantee you the best antifungal function and you will avoid the harmful Candida. 

As you have read, the aforementioned benefits of oral chelation are just a tip of the iceberg. Many more benefits are assured once you use oral chelation for detoxifying.  

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