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Why Consider Taking Oral Chelation

Heavy metals contamination has been a major problem around the globe for mar many years now. The common toxic metals include Lead, Mercury and Arsenic among others. These metals get into the human body through skin contact, drinks, food, contaminated air and even injections. The problem with heavy metals is that their accumulation in the body can cause fatal health problem since they affect every major body organ including the brain, the kidneys and the liver. In the past, intravenous chelation was a popular remedy to this problem. It involved the injection of ethyl diamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA). Gradually, oral chelation became more popular than intravenous chelation. 

Oral Chelation has not become popular among patients and doctors for no reason. There are myriads benefits associated with taking the chelation agents orally. This article seeks to expound on the major advantages that oral chelation has over the intravenous chelation.

1. 1. Effectiveness

When taken orally, the chelation products have been proved effective in treating some diseases including diabetes, Arthritis, memory loss, fatigue impotence and cardiovascular diseases. It also considerably helps to cleanse the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, oral chelation is very instrumental in liver and kidney detoxification.

2. 2. Mercury Chelation

The ability of orally taken chelation prodects to chelate with Mercury is one of the major advantages oral chelation has over intravenous chelation. When EDTA is injected into the body, it cannot bond with mercury. However, the organic substances used in making oral chelation products can successfully bond with mercury and eliminate it from the body.

3. 3. It is Painless

Oral chelation is a very easy process. It just involves taking one or two spoonful of doses of medicine. Most of them have some tasty ingredients like jelly and honey and are extremely delicious. On the other hand, intravenous chelation involves a painful process of injection. In the process, there is also the risk of vascular incision and infection. Furthermore, intravenous chelation leads to other side effects like pain, fall of blood pressure and fever among others.

4. 4. Preventive Benefits

Oral chelation therapy is convenient and safe way to not only cure but also prevent heavy metals toxicity. Also, orally taken chelating agents help reduce heart attacks, lower blood cholesterol levels as well as prevent blood clots.

5. 5. Side Effects

Oral chelation is usually free from side effects. There is hardly any problem with using the orally taken chelating agents. Some patients may experience headaches, muscle pain or fatigue when undergoing oral chelation therapy. However, the problem may simply be eliminated by intake of large volumes of water to allow the chelating agent work effectively.

6. 6. The Synergic Effect

Ingredients in some oral chelation products can improve the overall health conditions of patients. For example, adding nutrients and antioxidants to EDTA can help promote the healing process in the tissues and also stop oxidation processes that can cause damage to the body. The longevity of an individual can, therefore, increased by oral chelation. In other words, a short oral chelation can serve a convenient, non-invasive and long-term heath formula. 

In conclusion, it clear that oral chelation has an upper hand in many ways than intravenous chelation. Oral chelation has so many benefits, and it is not a surprise that more and more doctors are recommending it for detoxification. 


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